Brett Hoyt

Sustainable Generation

Speaker Bio:

Brett Hoyt is VP of Business Development for Sustainable Generation. Over the last 3 years Brett has visited more than 100 composting facilities nationally to help companies improve or start composting operations. Brett has also completed the USCC Compost Operator Training.


When determining a location for a composting facilities there are many considerations. A new composter wants to be a good neighbor. The challenge is each state has different set regulations and many states are just setting these composting regulations. We are going to look at the most important issues a potential site owner should be considering prior to purchasing land. Permitting, neighbors, traffic, odors and bioaerosol control are just a few of these considerations. Site requirements may also dictate your composting technology choices. Many locations are just not suitable for a composting operation. By addressing each of these areas up front as they relate specifically to your state regulations you will not only ensure you will be a good neighbor today but for years to come.

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